Unveiling the LUMMA CLR GT: Elevating the Range Rover Velar’s Aesthetic and Performance

LUMMA Design proudly presents its comprehensive customization program tailored for the latest Range Rover Velar model.

Beyond its iconic CLR GT wide body styling kit, LUMMA Design offers an array of enhancements to transform your Velar into a true automotive masterpiece. Choose from a selection of 22 and 23-inch alloy wheels, opt for lightweight carbon-fiber components, and explore a multitude of interior trim options designed to elevate your mid-size SUV to new heights. These exceptional upgrades are available now, along with an optional sport exhaust system and power enhancements for both petrol and diesel engines.

The Range Rover Velar, already celebrated as one of the most captivating SUVs on the market, is poised to capture the hearts of automotive connoisseurs with its signature sleek lines and dynamic driving experience. Bridging the gap between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, the Velar impresses with its unparalleled sophistication.

LUMMA Design envisions the Velar as a canvas for personalization, and their inaugural offering, the wide body CLR GT package crafted from high-quality PU-RIM plastics, imbues the Velar with an even more expressive and confident look.

The most striking and distinctive feature of this conversion is the addition of wide wheel arches, extending the Velar’s overall width by a commanding 50mm on each side. These broad arches are complemented by an imposing new front bumper, featuring an integrated spoiler and Cup air splitter. Not only does this design alteration lend the Velar a more aggressive visage, but it also aids in reducing aerodynamic lift at higher speeds.

The contoured side skirts, adorned with horizontal blades that follow the line of the air splitter, provide visual cohesion between the expansive arches, bestowing the Velar with a grounded and commanding presence. Furthermore, the redesigned front grille and substantial bonnet air intake scoops, reminiscent of the initial design concept drawings, further enhance the Velar’s sporting allure.

Completing the transformation, LUMMA Design’s rear apron incorporates an integrated diffuser, flanked by quad exhaust outlet covers. Above the waistline, a three-piece tailgate and roofline rear spoiler contribute to reduced drag, ensuring smoother airflow departure.

To complement the Velar’s bold new stance, LUMMA Design offers wheel and tire packages in 22 and 23-inch sizes. The LUMMA CLR LN 1 and LUMMA CLR Racing alloy wheel designs, sized at 12.0J x 22 inches, are paired with 305/35ZR22 Michelin tires. For those seeking an even more imposing presence, the 11.0J x 23-inch LUMMA CLR 23 GT alloy wheels, wrapped in 305/30ZR23 Continental rubber, are available. LUMMA Design also offers appropriate wheel spacers as an option to achieve the perfect offsets for these wheel and tire combinations.

In response to the growing popularity of genuine carbon-fiber aesthetics, LUMMA Design offers a range of components with the authentic carbon-fiber look for the Velar. These include the front and door design panels, sport front grille, Cup spoiler lip, front wings, bonnet panels, wing mirror caps, rear spoiler lip, and rear diffuser.

The interior customization program is equally impressive, featuring a sport steering wheel, an aluminum pedal set, and floor and boot carpet mats embroidered with the distinctive LUMMA Design logo.

Elevate your Range Rover Velar’s style and performance with LUMMA Design’s premium customization options. Transform your Velar into an automotive masterpiece, combining breathtaking aesthetics with exhilarating performance enhancements.


  • LUMMA Bodykit CLR GT
  • LUMMA sport front grille
  • LUMMA rear spoiler lip (3-pieces)


  • LUMMA sport steering wheel
  • LUMMA aluminum pedal set
  • LUMMA footrest
  • LUMMA floor mats with leather mount
  • LUMMA boot mat with leather mount


  • LUMMA bonnet covers


  • LUMMA wheel set CLR LN1 (12×22 with 305/35-22)
  • LUMMA performance spacer set


  • LUMMA endpipe covers square with LUMMA Logo

Experience the LUMMA CLR GT transformation and redefine your Range Rover Velar’s presence on the road.