Elevate the appearance and performance of your Audi SQ5 (FY) with the LUMMA CLR5S Rebuilding Kit. Designed with precision and made in Germany, this comprehensive kit enhances the visual appeal and aerodynamics of your vehicle. Components of the CLR5S Rebuilding Kit: Key Features: Fitment: Transform Your Audi SQ5: The LUMMA CLR5S Rebuilding Kit not only
Elevate your Audi Q8 4M to new heights of opulence and individuality with the LUMMA CLR 8S conversion kit. Meticulously crafted to enhance the extravagant appearance of the SUV Coupé, this bespoke kit comprises specially developed components that exude sophistication and sophistication. Kit Components: Optional Components: Wheel Options: Choose from a range of LUMMA wheelsets
Experience a new level of sophistication and style with the LUMMA CLR 8S body kit designed specifically for the Audi Q8 4M. This meticulously crafted kit includes a range of specially developed components to elevate the appearance of your SUV Coupe and accentuate its unique personality. The comprehensive kit comprises: For added customization, you have
LUMMA Design takes the iconic Range Rover Evoque to new heights with the bespoke LUMMA CLR RE kit, crafted from lightweight fiberglass plastics for easy installation and a strikingly masculine aesthetic upgrade. This wide-body kit transforms the Evoque, adding a commanding presence on the road. The front and rear wheel arch extensions, widening each side
The LUMMA CLR X7 refinement program for the BMW X7 (Type G07) is the epitome of automotive luxury and performance enhancement. At the core of this program are the striking aerodynamic modifications that transform the X7 into an elegant and athletic wide body. The enhancements include imposing wheel arch extensions that give the X7 a
LUMMA Design’s CLR X7 refinement program is at the forefront of transforming the BMW X7 into a truly remarkable vehicle. Central to this program are the eye-catching aerodynamic modifications that redefine the X7’s appearance. With imposing wheel arch extensions seamlessly integrated with redesigned front and rear aprons, a sleek rear spoiler lip, a roof spoiler,