The LUMMA CLR X7 refinement program for the BMW X7 (Type G07) is the epitome of automotive luxury and performance enhancement. At the core of this program are the striking aerodynamic modifications that transform the X7 into an elegant and athletic wide body. The enhancements include imposing wheel arch extensions that give the X7 a
LUMMA Design’s CLR X7 refinement program is at the forefront of transforming the BMW X7 into a truly remarkable vehicle. Central to this program are the eye-catching aerodynamic modifications that redefine the X7’s appearance. With imposing wheel arch extensions seamlessly integrated with redesigned front and rear aprons, a sleek rear spoiler lip, a roof spoiler,
The LUMMA CLR RE kit is a transformative package designed by LUMMA Design to enhance the appearance and performance of the Range Rover Evoque (L551). Crafted with tailor-made aerodynamic components using lightweight fiberglass plastics, this kit elevates the Evoque to a more aggressive and masculine aesthetic. One of the standout features of the LUMMA CLR
LUMMA Design takes the Range Rover Evoque (L551) to new heights with the introduction of the CLR RE, a wide-body kit crafted from lightweight and easy-to-install fiberglass plastics. This transformative kit not only adds a touch of masculinity but also elevates the SUV’s overall aesthetic appeal. The wide-body kit includes front and rear wheel arch
Elevate your driving experience and give your Range Rover Sport MY2018 a distinct, powerful presence with the LUMMA CLR RS 2018 conversion kit. Designed to complement all engines, this kit not only embraces the shapes of the new model year but also introduces striking enhancements that redefine the aesthetics of your Range Rover Sport. Key
Introducing the LUMMA CLR 8S, a bespoke kit tailored for the Audi Q8 4M, meticulously crafted to amplify the SUV Coupé’s already extravagant presence and accentuate its individuality. The Kit’s Distinctive Components: Wheel Options: Choose from a range of LUMMA wheelsets ranging from 21 to 24 inches, allowing drivers to customize their Audi Q8’s appearance
For those seeking to transcend the ordinary and imbue their Range Rover Sport (from model year 2018 onward) with a distinctively aggressive and refined aesthetic, the LUMMA CLR RS 2018 conversion kit stands as an epitome of automotive customization. Tailored to accommodate all engines, this kit seamlessly integrates with the contours of the Range Rover
The LUMMA CLR X 6 for BMW X6 50i is a testament to the perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance. This comprehensive tuning package by LUMMA Design takes the BMW X6 to new heights, enhancing its aerodynamics, interior luxury, exterior appeal, wheels, brakes, and exhaust system.   Aerodynamics Beyond Ordinary: The LUMMA bodykit CLR X6
Unleash the full potential of your Range Rover Sport with the LUMMA CLR RS 2018 conversion kit, meticulously designed for models from the year 2018 onwards. This comprehensive kit embraces the latest model year’s aesthetics, introducing captivating changes that redefine the visual and performance aspects of your beloved SUV. Striking Front Apron: The focal point
Embark on a journey of transformation with LUMMA Design’s conversion program, the LUMMA CLR G770, tailored for the Mercedes G-Class Type W463A from 2018 onwards. This powerful body kit is crafted to accentuate the rugged essence of the iconic off-roader, endowing it with a muscular and distinguished appearance that exudes autonomy. The LUMMA CLR G770