Introducing the LUMMA CLR X7 for BMW X7 (Type G07)

The LUMMA CLR X7 refinement program for the BMW X7 (Type G07) is the epitome of automotive luxury and performance enhancement. At the core of this program are the striking aerodynamic modifications that transform the X7 into an elegant and athletic wide body.

The enhancements include imposing wheel arch extensions that give the X7 a more commanding presence on the road. The redesigned front apron, rear spoiler lip, roof spoiler, and rear apron diffuser further contribute to the vehicle’s refined aesthetics, elevating it from a standard SUV to a bespoke masterpiece.

In addition to the exterior modifications, the LUMMA CLR X7 program offers a range of wheel and tire combinations meticulously matched to the widened body. Various complete wheel sets in dimensions of 23 or 24 inches are available, providing excellent load capacity and stability while minimizing unsprung weight.

To complement the exterior enhancements, tailored interior components are also available as part of the exclusive refinement program. These interior upgrades add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the X7’s cabin, enhancing the overall driving experience.

For BMW X7 owners who prefer a more subtle approach, LUMMA Design offers various components suitable for standard vehicles without the body kit. These components include the rear spoiler lip, exclusive complete wheel sets, and interior components, allowing owners to customize their X7 according to their preferences.

With the LUMMA CLR X7 refinement program, BMW X7 owners can elevate their driving experience to new heights, combining luxurious comfort with enhanced performance and style.