LUMMA Design CLR X 650, Basis BMW X6

  • Bodykit contains: front spoiler bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, fender extensions
  • Exterieur parts in Carbon
  • Wheels in dimension 23 inches” and sport lowering suspension kit
  • Increased performance and engine optic package
  • Interior design in Carbonleather and Alcantara

Only a few weeks did pass by, since the introduction of the BMW X6 to the public, but LUMMA Design already did upgrade the newest BMW model. As one of the first, the Winterlinger based Tuner, offers a complete package for the BMW X6.
Wide body kit LUMMA CLR X 650

The massive bodykit is broadening the Sports SUV 5cm per side by fender extensions, the front bumper with it’s day light running lights is adding the CLR X 650 a sportive look, the individual rear bumper with Carbon diffuser, a Carbon sport look front hood with air ducts and the sportive side skirts are rounding up the whole package. Design mirrors, aerodynamic optimized, in Carbon, headlight eyelids and tanned tail lights, replenish the sportive look of the LUMMA CLR X 650.
Wheels in 23” and lowering sport suspension

The matching, new developed and designed wheels in dimension 11×23”, LUMMA Racing 3, with Michelin 315/25-23 front and rear, are making out of the CLR X 650, an individual unicum, state of the art.

In combination with the LUMMA lowering sport suspension, lowering the car approx. 35mm, for cars with and without air ride system, the wheels look even bigger than they are. Positive secondary effect: lower point of gravity and a better handling of the car.

Power increase and engine optic package

The BMW 4,4 twin turbo V8 is for sure a powerful engine, “but can even more power be a sin?” For sure not. By reprogramming the electronics in the ECU, LUMMA Design is increasing the power. Another brand new option is the LUMMA GPM (gaspedal power module) for a much better respond of the gas pedal and more dynamic acceleration, a must have for every sport ambitious driver. Easy to install, plug and play, ready to go on the course. If you decide to tune the engine or not, the LUMMA engine optic package, will upgrade the engine compartment to perfection. The eyecatcher contains a red coated engine cover and Carbon air intake inlet tubes.

Interior, individual upgrade for the passenger compartment

For the passenger compartment of the CLR X 650, LUMMA offers a huge lineup of accessories. Individually refined with the finest leather, LUMMA provides a luxury passenger compartment, a masterpiece of quality, design and style. Tone in tone, handcrafted in the same material and quality, the steering wheel, ergonomic moulded. The odometers with LUMMA logo, are coated in elegant red, and the scales are extended to 300 km/h. For motorsport feeling, aluminium pedals and a footrest were mounted as well as entry panels. Made out of high quality aluminium, anodized, with the LUMMA logo engraved. Floor mats in best quality with LUMMA emblem embroidered, matching the colour of the interior, trapped with leather, as well as a boot mat, are rounding up this package. Last but not least a hightech multimedia system with 7,5 “ monitors installed in the custom made headrests, are completing this high class, luxury master piece of German craftsmanship.


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