LUMMA CLR RE Kit for Range Rover Evoque L551

LUMMA Design takes the iconic Range Rover Evoque to new heights with the bespoke LUMMA CLR RE kit, crafted from lightweight fiberglass plastics for easy installation and a strikingly masculine aesthetic upgrade.

This wide-body kit transforms the Evoque, adding a commanding presence on the road. The front and rear wheel arch extensions, widening each side by 45 millimeters, create a bold stance that demands attention. Complementing this enhancement is a redesigned front spoiler featuring a distinctive grille and simulated air intakes, exuding an aggressive yet refined look.

Flanking the Evoque are sleek door panels that add to its athletic appearance, while at the rear, the apron spacers and race-inspired diffuser further emphasize the SUV’s dynamic profile.

For those seeking additional personalization options, LUMMA Design offers a range of choices, including a sport front grille with a striking rhombic optic grid and a three-piece rear spoiler lip. Black and red trim strips provide the perfect finishing touch, allowing owners to truly make their Evoque their own.

Completing the exterior transformation are 22-inch wheel sets available in the distinctive LUMMA CLR 22 LX design or the performance-focused LUMMA CLR Racing design, adding both style and substance to the Evoque’s refined appearance.

But the enhancements don’t stop there. LUMMA Design offers a range of interior upgrades to elevate the driving experience further. The LUMMA aluminum pedal set adds a touch of sportiness, while the LUMMA floor mats with leather mounts and boot mat enhance the cabin’s luxurious ambiance.

For those looking to fine-tune the Evoque’s handling, LUMMA Design offers chassis lowering in preparation, ensuring a balanced and responsive driving experience that complements the vehicle’s enhanced aesthetics.

And to ensure the Evoque performs as good as it looks, LUMMA Design offers a performance spacer set to optimize wheel fitment and a range of brake upgrades to enhance stopping power.

In summary, the LUMMA CLR RE kit for the Range Rover Evoque L551 is the ultimate expression of individuality and performance, offering a comprehensive range of enhancements that elevate the Evoque’s presence on the road while enhancing its driving dynamics and luxurious interior ambiance. With LUMMA Design’s commitment to quality and innovation, owners can enjoy a truly bespoke driving experience that sets their Evoque apart from the rest.