LUMMA CLR X 6 for BMW X6 50I: Elevating Elegance and Performance

The LUMMA CLR X 6 for BMW X6 50i is a testament to the perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance. This comprehensive tuning package by LUMMA Design takes the BMW X6 to new heights, enhancing its aerodynamics, interior luxury, exterior appeal, wheels, brakes, and exhaust system.


Aerodynamics Beyond Ordinary: The LUMMA bodykit CLR X6 R is the cornerstone of this transformation, creating a bold and dynamic presence on the road. Complemented by the LUMMA rear spoiler lip and roof spoiler, the aerodynamics are optimized for both style and functionality.


Luxurious Interior Upgrades: Step inside, and you’ll find the LUMMA touch extends to the interior. The aluminium pedal set, floor mats with leather mount, and boot mat, all in black, exude sophistication. These interior enhancements showcase LUMMA’s commitment to elevating every aspect of the driving experience.


Exterior Excellence: The exterior enhancements are a symphony of visible carbon and individual color bronze accents. From the outside mirror caps to the front grille frame and the distinctive daytime running light kit, each detail is meticulously crafted. The LUMMA fog light kit in LED black adds a touch of modern elegance.


Wheels and Brakes Designed for Performance: Equipped with LUMMA’s wheel set CLR 22 LX in black-smoke finish, the X6 rides on 22-inch wheels that not only enhance its appearance but also improve handling. Paired with high-performance tires, the wheels complete the dynamic stance of the vehicle.


Exhilarating Soundtrack The LUMMA sport exhaust muffler, crafted from stainless steel and adorned with 100mm and 80mm tailpipes featuring the iconic LUMMA Logo, ensures that the X6 not only looks powerful but also sounds the part. The exhaust system is a perfect harmony of performance and acoustics.


Signature LUMMA Design Parts

The finishing touches include signature LUMMA elements such as the logo, key ring, and lanyard, showcasing pride in the brand’s craftsmanship. These details add a touch of exclusivity to the overall package.

In conclusion, the LUMMA CLR X 6 for BMW X6 50i stands as a comprehensive and harmonious tuning solution. LUMMA Design’s attention to detail and commitment to quality shine through, transforming the BMW X6 into a distinctive and high-performance masterpiece on wheels.