Audi Q8 4M Experience with LUMMA’s Exclusive CLR 8S Kit

The Audi Q8 4M is already a symbol of sophisticated design and performance, but for those seeking to make a bold statement on the road, LUMMA’s CLR 8S kit offers a bespoke transformation. This article explores the specially developed components that elevate the extravagant appearance of the SUV Coupé, emphasizing its individuality.

Components of the CLR 8S Kit:

  1. Front Spoiler Apron: The kit begins with a front spoiler apron, adding a touch of aggressiveness while maintaining the Q8’s sleek lines.
  2. Wheel Arch Extensions (Front + Rear): LUMMA extends the wheel arches, giving the Q8 a wider and more dynamic stance for an eye-catching presence.
  3. Side Skirts: The side skirts contribute to the overall aerodynamics and seamlessly integrate with the widened wheel arches, creating a cohesive look.
  4. Rear Apron with Diffuser: The rear apron not only enhances the visual appeal but also features a diffuser, adding a sporty and performance-oriented touch.
  5. 4-Way Tailpipe Trims with LUMMA Logo: The quad tailpipe trims with the distinctive LUMMA logo showcase the SUV’s powerful performance.

Optional Upgrades:

  • LUMMA Wheelsets (21-24 inches): Personalize your Q8 with a choice of different wheelsets, ranging from 21 to 24 inches, for a customized and striking look.
  • Bonnet Attachment, Roof Spoiler, and Three-Piece Rear Spoiler Lip: For those seeking additional flair, LUMMA offers optional attachments to further enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamics and style.

Wheelsets for Production Vehicles: The LUMMA wheelsets are not exclusive to the CLR 8S kit; they can be used with production vehicles as well, with the option of using spacers for a widened appearance.

Interior Refinements: Beyond exterior enhancements, LUMMA offers a range of interior refinements upon request, allowing drivers to tailor the cabin to their personal taste and style.


With LUMMA’s CLR 8S kit, the Audi Q8 4M transforms into a bespoke masterpiece, combining extravagant aesthetics with individuality. Whether opting for the full kit or selecting specific components, the result is a head-turning SUV Coupé that stands out on the road in terms of both style and performance.