LUMMA CLR G770 Enhancement Suite for Mercedes-Benz W463A

After almost four decades, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, an enduring icon in the world of off-road vehicles, has undergone a significant transformation. LUMMA Design, renowned for its commitment to quality and style, introduces the CLR G770 enhancement suite for the Mercedes G-Class (Type W463A), offering a fusion of visual refinement and technical prowess without compromising the G-Class’s original character.

Visual Mastery: Carbon Accents for Distinctive Appeal

In the realm of luxury off-road vehicles, the G-Class stands tall, and LUMMA Design takes this stature to new heights with meticulous carbon detailing:

  • Carbon-Clad Door Handles: The door handles, adorned with real carbon and a high-gloss lacquer finish, become a touchpoint of sophistication, setting the G-Class apart on boulevards and off-road terrains alike.
  • Carbon Embellishments: LUMMA extends its carbon magic to the borders of the headlights, exterior mirror cladding, and the spare wheel cover. The carbon accents add a noble touch to the G-Class’s rugged demeanor.

Premiere of LUMMA CLR Racing 2: A Symphony of Form and Function

  • LUMMA CLR Racing 2 Wheels: Designed for high wheel loads, the 11×23 LUMMA CLR Racing 2 wheels make their debut, harmonizing seamlessly with the vehicle’s muscular appearance. The wheels are a visual symphony, emphasizing performance and style.

Anticipation Builds: LUMMA CLR G770 Body Kit Coming Soon

While the current enhancements showcase LUMMA’s commitment to excellence, the excitement lingers as the brand promises a complete body kit – the LUMMA CLR G770 – in the coming months. This eagerly awaited kit is expected to redefine the G-Class’s aesthetics while preserving its everyday utility.

Interior Sophistication: A Refined Cabin Experience

  • Aluminium Pedal Set: LUMMA introduces an aluminium pedal set, combining functionality with a touch of racing-inspired flair.
  • Luxurious Floor Mats and Trunk Mat: Elevate the interior aesthetics with LUMMA’s premium floor mats and trunk mat, creating a cohesive and luxurious cabin environment.

Performance Boost with LUMMA Powerbox:

  • LUMMA Powerbox: For those seeking an exhilarating performance boost, the LUMMA Powerbox delivers an additional 68 horsepower and 95 Nm of torque. Note that this powerhouse enhancement is exclusively for export, not permissible within the German StVZO regulations.

As LUMMA Design continues to expand its offerings, the enhancement suite for the G-Class is a testament to the brand’s dedication to elevating automotive luxury and performance. Stay tuned for the forthcoming LUMMA CLR G770 body kit, poised to make a bold statement in the world of iconic off-road vehicles.