LUMMA CLR G800: Elevating the Mercedes GLE 63S AMG Coupe

For automotive enthusiasts seeking to transcend the ordinary, the LUMMA CLR G800 stands as a testament to superior design, performance, and customization. Designed to transform the Mercedes GLE 63S AMG Coupé, the LUMMA CLR G800 package is a comprehensive offering that takes this already impressive vehicle to new heights.

LUMMA Aerodynamics: Reimagining Form and Function

Central to the LUMMA experience is the bodykit CLR G800, an ensemble that not only redefines the visual appeal of the GLE 63S AMG Coupé but also enhances its aerodynamic prowess. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bodykit exudes an aura of dynamic energy and elegance.

The sporty allure of the LUMMA package is heightened by the sport-look bonnet, meticulously constructed from visible carbon fiber. The use of carbon fiber not only adds a touch of exoticism but also contributes to weight reduction, which in turn enhances performance.

Complementing the overall design are the LUMMA roof spoiler and rear spoiler lip, which add an extra layer of downforce and style. The fender covers, adorned with design fins, further accentuate the muscular presence of the vehicle.

LUMMA Interior: Elevating Comfort and Luxury

Step inside the LUMMA-enhanced GLE 63S AMG Coupé, and you’ll encounter a realm of refined luxury and personalized touches. The aluminium pedal set, proudly displaying the LUMMA Signature, adds a touch of sportiness to the interior while ensuring optimal control. The attention to detail extends to the floor mats, which are meticulously designed with leather mounts to exude opulence.

Cargo and storage also receive the LUMMA treatment. The boot mat, featuring a leather mount, showcases a commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

LUMMA Exterior: A Symphony of Contrasting Colors

The LUMMA CLR G800 package offers the opportunity to customize the vehicle’s exterior through a captivating interplay of colors. With several attachments available in contrasting black gloss and striking red, drivers can express their individuality and style in unique and exciting ways.

LUMMA Wheels & Brakes: Performance Meets Style

No enhancement package would be complete without a striking wheel set. The LUMMA wheel set CLR 24 RS, finished in black matte, is a stunning visual upgrade. The 10.5×24 front wheels, paired with 295/30-24 tires, and the 13×24 rear wheels, matched with 355/25-24 tires, not only provide an arresting visual stance but also enhance the vehicle’s road grip and handling.

The LUMMA Performance wheel spacers further contribute to the improved stance and performance, demonstrating LUMMA’s commitment to a holistic enhancement approach.

LUMMA Exhaust System: A Symphony of Sound and Style

Enhancing both the auditory and visual experience, the LUMMA endpipe covers in carbon finish exude a sporty flair. These finishing touches reflect LUMMA’s dedication to delivering a comprehensive package that caters to all senses.

The LUMMA Experience: Where Personalization Meets Performance

The LUMMA CLR G800 is more than just an enhancement package; it’s a statement of individuality and a testament to the pursuit of perfection. From aerodynamic improvements to captivating aesthetics, the LUMMA package seamlessly integrates performance and style.

With the LUMMA CLR G800, the Mercedes GLE 63S AMG Coupé is not just an SUV; it’s a masterpiece of design and engineering, reflecting the passion and dedication of those who demand more from their vehicles.