LUMMA CLR Range Rover

The LUMMA CLR Range Rover is a Range Rover sports car with a distinctive wide-body look that gives off a strong masculine impression and is hard to overlook. This car was released at the start of the 2014 season, and the LUMMA design puts forward a concise carbon fiber package alongside a turbo diesel engine with increased performance for this version of the Range Rover.

The LUMMA CLR complete package offers a sporty wide-body look with shiny bumpers, lower door panels, wide wheel arch flares, and a carbon fiber bonnet that was restyled to be lightweight and have an aggressive look. This new carbon fiber package includes new door handles, a rear spoiler lip, a front grille, rear side strips, and mirror covers. Wide air vents at the bonnet ensure the engine is always kept cool.\

LUMMA Design

Since the LUMMA design was founded in 1987, the LUMMA brand has always been outstanding for its exclusive design and fine craftsmanship in the vehicle refinement industry.

The materials used in building are carefully selected to produce the combination of quality and individuality, which the refinement programs provide for some international premium brands of cars. The expert development department ensures the quality of the LUMMA products and the company “made in Germany,” which distinguishes other products from the LUMMA design through extensive tests and other approved procedures following the ISO standard. Additional quality checks are also meticulously carried out. Owing to the massive depth in manufacturing this design, the consideration of individual customer customization is always an option.

The range rover LUMMA CLR proves stylish and consistent as the body of this vehicle possesses sporty lines like that of a standard sports vehicle.

This vehicle has a spoiler bumper in the front with an arched wheel extension, skirts on the side, daytime running headlights on each side, and rear bumper with integrated diffusers.

The specially designed hood covers enhance the LUMMA design’s athletic or sporty claim.

The LUMMA CLR exudes a muscular exterior with its spoiler bumpers located at the front of the car and the double daytime running lights displayed with LED technology.

These features are further extended to the side of the vehicle, with a wheel arch specially designed with an integrated sports appearance and amazing side skirts distinctive.

The LUMMA CLR range rover is particularly attractive in the red/black color variant. Four tailpipes are solidly placed on the rear end, measuring 100mm each in diameter, which, when combined with the diffuser, further enhances the elegant and sporty look of the LUMMA CLR range rover.

The LUMMA CLR range rover takes the sports niche to a different level. The engine gets enough fresh air at any given time thanks to the huge vent opening at the front of the car, and the sports front grille completes the sporty it provides.

The new flashy side skirts further enhance the LUMMA CLR’s breathtaking appearance, which covers the sides with lateral strips décor. The rear of this vehicle also has specific features, such as the square tailpipes, which exude a masculine appearance, and, of course, a rear diffuser

Wheel Variants

Offered to customers is a wide range of options regarding wheels for the LUMMA CLR range rover; it comes in different sizes and color combinations. All wheels available come with high-performing tires. Some of the wheels available are;

  • LUMMA CLR LN1 – black matt or black polished
    Front and rear series – 10×2 inch goes with 295/35-22 tires
    Front and rear with body kit – 12×22 inch goes with 305/35-22 tires
  • LUMMA CLR – racing black smoke
    Front and rear series – 10×22 inch goes with 295/35-22 tires
    Front and rear with body kit – 12×22 inch goes with 305/35-22 tyres
    The front and rear series are 11×23 inches, with 305/30-23 tyres.


Customers can choose from various materials, interior options, and colors, allowing you to customize the interiors to fit your personality.

The option of individual fabrications for various customers is also possible at any given time.

  • The steering wheel can come in wood, leather, or carbon. It can also be ergonomically designed, flattened, or padded.
  • The anti-slip rubber pad pedal covers are optionally available in matt black or matt silver.
  • Interior applications can come in lacquered finish, wood, or carbon.
  • The floor mats come in a variety of colors and also carry a leather trim and the LUMMA logo.


The LUMMA CLR range rover is packed with super performance components that are specially matched to equip much better handling, user driving experience with better dynamics, and better driving pleasure in general.

This vehicle has a diesel-engine variant built for extra performance with the help of the LUMMA D-box, which was developed for this range rover specifically. This variant is known to improve the output of the former 4.4-liter V8 diesel engine from its original 250KW/340 hp and 700 Nm in torque capacity to an outstanding 272 KW/370 hp with a torque of 800 Nm. This improved torque indicates that it would require much lesser effort to achieve a certain pace. The D-box contained in the LUMMA CLR range rover has the potential to efficiently reduce fuel consumption on an average scale by an estimate of 0.5 L/100 km when driving normally.


The LUMMA CLR Range Rover is priced at 70,786.53 United States dollars, which is the price of the default vehicle without any user preference customization. Any further customization will require additional expenses.

In conclusion, we can verify that the LUMMA CLR Range Rover is a sports car with a wide masculine appearance; thus, it offers a spacious interior and can serve as an SUV. It possesses a strong engine capacity with amazing torque, so handling is very comfortable. It’s flexible and can be customized to meet the customer’s preference. And the price is quite affordable.

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