LUMMA CLR SV: Elevating the Range Rover Sport’s Appeal

In the world of automotive tuning and customization, LUMMA Design has carved a niche for itself as a visionary creator of unique and exceptional vehicles. One such creation that has garnered significant attention is the LUMMA CLR SV, a transformation that takes the already impressive Range Rover Sport to new heights of performance, style, and luxury.

LUMMA’s Artistry in Aerodynamics

The LUMMA CLR SV bodykit stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to aerodynamic precision and aesthetic refinement. The kit includes a Sport front grille and hood covers, both adorned with the distinctive CLR SV design. These components not only contribute to the vehicle’s striking presence but also enhance its aerodynamic efficiency.

Luxurious Interior Enhancements

Step inside the LUMMA CLR SV, and you’ll be enveloped in an ambiance of luxury and sophistication. The interior is adorned with exquisite details, including the LUMMA aluminium pedal set and footrest, showcasing the brand’s commitment to elevating every facet of the driving experience. The floormats and bootmat, featuring leather mounts, further accentuate the attention to detail that defines LUMMA’s craftsmanship.

Distinctive Exterior Flourishes

The LUMMA CLR SV exterior is a canvas of artistic expression. Various exterior elements are lacquered in contrasting colors, creating a visual contrast that adds depth to the vehicle’s design. Adding to the distinctive look are the LUMMA LED daytime running lights, illuminating the path with both style and practicality.

Wheels, Brakes, and Performance

No customization is complete without the perfect set of wheels, and the LUMMA CLR 23 GT wheel set fills this role impeccably. Sized at 11×23 inches and paired with 305/30-23 tires, these wheels not only exude a powerful stance but also offer enhanced road grip. The LUMMA Performance spacer set ensures that the wheels sit flush with the vehicle’s body, contributing to its commanding presence on the road.

Roaring Elegance with the LUMMA Exhaust System

The LUMMA sport exhaust system, crafted from stainless steel, is the auditory manifestation of the vehicle’s enhanced performance. With its deep and resonant note, this exhaust system not only elevates the auditory experience but also contributes to the Range Rover Sport’s enhanced dynamics.

The Ultimate Fusion of Form and Function

The LUMMA CLR SV transcends the boundaries of conventional customization, seamlessly blending aesthetic enhancements with functional upgrades. It embodies the spirit of the Range Rover Sport while elevating it to a new level of exclusivity and individuality. LUMMA Design’s dedication to precision, craftsmanship, and innovation is evident in every detail, making the LUMMA CLR SV a masterpiece on wheels.

In the realm of automotive customization, the LUMMA CLR SV stands as a beacon of ingenuity and luxury. With its meticulous attention to detail, harmonious fusion of design elements, and performance-oriented enhancements, the LUMMA CLR SV is a celebration of automotive artistry and engineering prowess.