LUMMA Carbon Rear Diffusor for CLR G770 R




LUMMA Carbon Rear Diffusor for CLR G770 R

Introducing the LUMMA Carbon Rear Diffuser for the CLR G770 R, meticulously crafted for the specified vehicle model. This rear diffuser offers a premium upgrade to the exterior aesthetics of your vehicle, featuring high-quality carbon fiber construction for enhanced durability and a sporty appearance.

Designed to seamlessly replace the factory rear diffuser, this upgrade adds a touch of sophistication and aggressiveness to the rear end of your vehicle. The carbon fiber material not only provides a lightweight and sturdy construction but also contributes to improved aerodynamics and performance.

With its precise fit and attention to detail, the LUMMA Carbon Rear Diffuser enhances the overall look and feel of your CLR G770 R, making it stand out from the crowd. Elevate the exterior appearance of your vehicle with the LUMMA Carbon Rear Diffuser, the perfect accessory for enthusiasts seeking to enhance the sportiness and exclusivity of their vehicle.


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