LUMMA CLR 8S: Elevating the Audi Q8 4M into a Masterpiece

Introducing the LUMMA CLR 8S, a bespoke kit tailored for the Audi Q8 4M, meticulously crafted to amplify the SUV Coupé’s already extravagant presence and accentuate its individuality.

The Kit’s Distinctive Components:

  1. Front Spoiler Apron: Redefining the vehicle’s frontal aesthetics with a distinctive and aerodynamically optimized spoiler apron.
  2. Wheel Arch Extensions (Front + Rear): Adding a touch of flair and width to the SUV’s stance, these extensions make a bold statement.
  3. Side Skirts: Seamlessly integrated side skirts that enhance the SUV’s profile with a touch of sophistication.
  4. Rear Apron with Diffuser: A rear apron designed not just for style but also for aerodynamic efficiency, featuring an eye-catching diffuser.
  5. 4-Way Tailpipe Trims with LUMMA Logo: The exhaust system receives a luxurious upgrade with quad tailpipe trims, proudly adorned with the iconic LUMMA logo.

Wheel Options: Choose from a range of LUMMA wheelsets ranging from 21 to 24 inches, allowing drivers to customize their Audi Q8’s appearance and performance.

Additional Enhancements:

  1. Bonnet Attachment: For those seeking an extra touch of flair, a bonnet attachment is available to elevate the vehicle’s front aesthetics.
  2. Roof Spoiler: Enhance aerodynamics and style with an optional roof spoiler designed to complement the SUV’s silhouette.
  3. Three-Piece Rear Spoiler Lip: Tailor the rear aesthetics with a three-piece rear spoiler lip, adding a dynamic touch to the vehicle’s backend.

Interior Refinements: Upon request, LUMMA offers a range of interior refinements, allowing Audi Q8 owners to indulge in a personalized and luxurious driving experience.

LUMMA Aerodynamics:

  • LUMMA Front Spoiler Apron
  • LUMMA Wheel Arch Extensions (Front + Rear)
  • LUMMA Side Skirts
  • LUMMA Rear Apron with Diffuser

LUMMA Exterior:

  • LUMMA Rear Spoiler Lip
  • LUMMA Roof Spoiler

LUMMA Wheels & Brakes:

  • LUMMA Wheel Set CLR 23 GT
    • Front: 11×23 with 305/30-23
    • Rear: 11×23 with 305/30-23

LUMMA Exhaust System:

  • 4-Way Tailpipe Trims with LUMMA Logo

In essence, the LUMMA CLR 8S transforms the Audi Q8 4M into a work of automotive art, marrying performance enhancements with unparalleled aesthetics. Elevate your driving experience and make a statement on the road with LUMMA’s exceptional customization options.