In the Wake of Success: Introducing the LUMMA CLR R 2018 for Range Rover MY 2019

Building upon the impressive sales figures of the LUMMA CLR RS 2018, tailored for the Range Rover Sport facelift model, LUMMA Design has expanded its offerings to include a body kit designed specifically for the facelift model of the Range Rover Vogue—the LUMMA CLR R 2018.

A standout feature of this new iteration is the meticulously redesigned front end, characterized by bold and indicated air intakes on both the right and left sides. The daytime running light holders seamlessly extend the grill design from the center to the outer edges, creating a striking and cohesive visual impact. The sports front grille, carefully adapted to the facelift model, elegantly conforms to the new shapes, ensuring a seamless integration into the vehicle’s design. Notably, the sports front grille will also be available for the production model without the body kit, offering an upgrade option for Range Rover Vogue owners seeking a distinctive aesthetic enhancement.

The versatility of the CLR R 2018 is further emphasized by its compatibility with existing components from the CLR R and CLR R GT EVO, including wheel arch extensions and rear aprons. This unique feature allows for the creation of two distinct body kits for the new model, providing customers with options to customize their Range Rover Vogue facelift according to their preferences. It’s worth mentioning that the CLR SR will not be offered for the facelift model.

For those intrigued by the possibilities of the LUMMA CLR R 2018, non-binding offers are welcomed. The extensive range of LUMMA AERODYNAMICS, INTERIOR, EXTERIOR, WHEELS & BRAKES, and EXHAUST SYSTEM components awaits, promising to elevate the Range Rover Vogue facelift to new heights in terms of both aesthetics and performance.

Under LUMMA AERODYNAMICS, the LUMMA Bodykit CLR R 2018 takes center stage, offering a comprehensive package for enhancing the vehicle’s visual appeal. Additionally, the LUMMA rear spoiler lip contributes to the aerodynamic profile, blending style with functionality.

The LUMMA INTERIOR collection brings a touch of luxury to the driving experience. The aluminium pedal set adds a sporty flair, while the LUMMA floormats with leather mount and bootmat with leather mount enhance the overall interior ambiance.

In the realm of LUMMA EXTERIOR enhancements, the LED daytime running lights provide both style and improved visibility, making a statement on the road.

When it comes to WHEELS & BRAKES, the LUMMA wheel set CLR Racing in black smoke is a visual highlight, measuring an impressive 12×22 and fitted with 305/35 R22 tires. The LUMMA performance spacer set ensures optimal wheel spacing, contributing to both aesthetics and performance.

Last but not least, the LUMMA EXHAUST SYSTEM offers a stainless steel sport muffler, delivering a distinct exhaust note and complementing the overall performance enhancements.

In conclusion, the LUMMA CLR R 2018 for Range Rover MY 2019 stands as a testament to LUMMA Design’s commitment to innovation and customization. With its striking design elements and performance-oriented features, this body kit opens up a world of possibilities for Range Rover Vogue facelift owners looking to make a bold statement on the road.”