LUMMA CLR 5S Enhancement Suite Unveiled

LUMMA Design, synonymous with automotive refinement, presents the CLR 5S enhancement suite tailored for the Audi SQ5 (FY). This comprehensive package blends aerodynamic mastery, interior luxury, and performance enhancements to elevate the driving experience of Audi’s dynamic SUV.

Aerodynamic Precision: Sculpting Performance and Style

  • Front Spoiler Extension: The journey begins with a front spoiler extension, enhancing aerodynamics and adding a touch of aggressiveness to the SQ5’s frontal profile.
  • Wheel Arch Enlargements: Strikingly bold wheel arch enlargements, both at the front and rear, create an imposing stance, setting the SQ5 apart from the crowd.
  • Integrated Side Skirt Under Splitters: Seamlessly integrated side skirt under splitters contribute to the SUV’s overall aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.
  • Rear Skirt Extension with Diffuser: The rear skirt extension with a diffuser not only enhances the SQ5’s sporty appeal but also optimizes airflow for performance gains.
  • Square Exhaust Endpipe Covers: Square exhaust endpipe covers, adorned with the LUMMA logo, serve as visual and auditory statements of the enhanced performance within.
  • Door Panelling: Meticulously crafted door panelling for both front and rear doors completes the exterior transformation.
  • Rear Spoiler Lip: The rear spoiler lip is a testament to LUMMA’s attention to detail, adding a touch of sophistication while subtly enhancing aerodynamics.

Interior Luxury: Refined Elegance Inside the SQ5 Cabin

  • Aluminium Pedal Set: The LUMMA aluminium pedal set introduces a sporty aesthetic to the SQ5’s interior, combining functionality with visual appeal.
  • Premium Floor Mats and Trunk Mat: Elevate the interior comfort with LUMMA’s premium floor mats and trunk mat, designed to complement the luxurious ambiance of the SQ5.

Suspension Excellence: LUMMA Sport Springs

  • LUMMA Sport Springs Set: Specifically crafted for cars with sport suspension and adaptive damper control, the LUMMA sport springs set ensures optimal handling dynamics. Experience a lowering of approximately 35mm at the front and 30mm at the rear.

Wheels, Brakes, and Performance Kit: A Symphony of Power and Style

  • Complete Wheel Set CLR LN1: The 10×22 matt black wheels, part of the CLR LN1 set, redefine the SQ5’s exterior aesthetics. Paired with 295/30-22 tires, these wheels make a bold statement on the road.
  • Performance Spacers: LUMMA performance spacers enhance the stance and presence of the SQ5, adding to the overall visual appeal.
  • Performance Kit with LUMMA Powerbox: The LUMMA Powerbox, delivering an impressive boost of 50 horsepower and 110 Nm of torque, transforms the SQ5’s performance dynamics. A part certificate ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

Exquisite Exhaust Note: LUMMA Tail Pipe Covers

  • Square Tail Pipe Covers: LUMMA square tail pipe covers provide a distinctive visual touch to the exhaust system, hinting at the enhanced power within.

Embrace the LUMMA CLR 5S enhancement suite, where precision meets performance, and style converges with substance, creating an Audi SQ5 that transcends ordinary boundaries. Elevate your driving experience with LUMMA Design’s signature craftsmanship.