LUMMA CLR F Enhancements Make F-Pace S Stand Out

LUMMA Tuning, renowned for their exceptional aftermarket upgrades, has introduced a range of enhancements for the F-Pace S. The LUMMA CLR F package not only enhances the SUV’s aesthetics but also improves its performance and driving experience. From aerodynamic enhancements to interior and wheel upgrades, LUMMA’s offerings provide F-Pace S owners with a unique and personalized driving experience.

Aerodynamic Enhancements:

LUMMA’s CLR F bodykit takes the F-Pace S’s design to the next level. The bodykit consists of carefully crafted elements that enhance the vehicle’s visual appeal and aerodynamics. With aggressive lines and distinctive contours, the CLR F bodykit ensures that the F-Pace S stands out from the crowd. Additionally, the LUMMA rear spoiler lip adds a touch of sportiness and further improves aerodynamic performance.

Interior Refinements:

Step inside the F-Pace S with LUMMA’s interior upgrades, and you’ll find a blend of luxury and sportiness. The LUMMA aluminium pedal set enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics while providing better grip and control. The inclusion of a LUMMA footrest adds a touch of exclusivity to the footwell area. Completing the interior upgrades are LUMMA floormats with leather mounts, combining comfort and style.

Enhanced Wheels and Brakes:

LUMMA’s wheel set CLR Racing 12×22 in black smoke not only adds a striking visual impact but also improves the SUV’s handling characteristics. Paired with high-performance tires (305/35 R22), these wheels deliver excellent grip and enhance the F-Pace S’s sporty demeanor. To achieve a wider stance and improved stability, LUMMA offers a performance spacer set, ensuring an aggressive and confident look on the road.

Exhaust System Upgrade:

The LUMMA CLR F package includes an upgraded exhaust system that not only enhances the F-Pace S’s sound but also adds a touch of style. The 4-pipe LUMMA endpipe covers in chrome, featuring the iconic LUMMA Signature, create an eye-catching and distinctive rear appearance. This exhaust upgrade not only elevates the SUV’s auditory experience but also provides improved exhaust flow for enhanced performance.


With the LUMMA CLR F enhancements, the F-Pace S transforms into an even more captivating and exhilarating SUV. From the eye-catching aerodynamic bodykit to the luxurious interior upgrades, LUMMA’s attention to detail and commitment to quality shine through. The wheel and brake enhancements improve the SUV’s handling and visual appeal, while the upgraded exhaust system adds a sporty and distinct note. LUMMA Tuning’s CLR F package ensures that the F-Pace S becomes a standout choice for those seeking a personalized and thrilling driving experience.