LUMMA CLR G800 suitable for Mercedes GLE 450 Coupe

The LUMMA CLR G800 is a comprehensive body kit designed for the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. The kit includes various modifications to enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics and performance.

The exterior modifications of the LUMMA CLR G800 kit include a new front bumper with a larger air intake, a rear diffuser, side skirts, and wider fenders. The kit also includes a carbon fiber hood, roof spoiler, and rear spoiler lip, which adds a sporty and aggressive look to the GLE Coupe.

The LUMMA CLR G800 also includes a power increase for the GLE 450 Coupe up to 620 horsepower, which improves its performance significantly. The kit also features a sports exhaust system with quad tailpipes, which not only provides a sporty exhaust note but also helps to increase the engine’s power output.

The interior of the GLE Coupe is upgraded with premium materials such as leather and carbon fiber accents. The kit also includes illuminated door sills with the LUMMA logo, which enhances the luxurious feel of the cabin.

The LUMMA CLR G800 also comes with a set of 24-inch alloy wheels, which not only improve the vehicle’s appearance but also improve its handling and performance. Additionally, the kit features a lowering module that lowers the car’s ride height for a more aggressive stance.

Overall, the LUMMA CLR G800 is a comprehensive body kit that enhances the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe’s aesthetics and performance while providing a luxurious and sporty driving experience.


  • LUMMA bodykit CLR G800 (PU Rim)
  • LUMMA roof spoiler in carbon finish
  • LUMMA rear spoiler lip in carbon finish
  • LUMMA sport-look engine bonnet in carbon finish
  • LUMMA front spoiler lip in carbon finish
  • Side skirt design cover in carbon finish
  • Air inlet cover front left+right in carbon finish
  • Ait inlet cover rear doors left+right in carbon finish
  • Rear diffuser frame in contrasting colour black gloss


  • LUMMA aluminium pedal set
  • LUMMA footrest
  • LUMMA floormats with leather mount
  • LUMMA bootmat with leather mount


  • Serial front grille bars in carbon finish
  • Door handle covers in carbon finish
  • Rear decorative strip in carbon finish
  • Outside mirrir caps in carbon finish


  • LUMMA wheel set CLR Racing black smoke
  • LUMMA Performance wheel spacers
  • Brake calipers lacquered in Red with LUMMA Logo


  • LUMMA Powerbox approx. +87hp/123Nm


  • LUMMA endpipe covers carbon finish