LUMMA Upgrade Package for Range Rover Sport MY2018: Elevate Your Driving Experience

Title: “LUMMA Unveils Striking Upgrade Package for Range Rover Sport MY2018: Elevate Your Driving Experience”

LUMMA, the renowned name in automotive customization, has raised the bar yet again with its latest offering – the CLR RS 2018 upgrade package tailored for Range Rover Sport MY2018. This comprehensive package encompasses a range of enhancements across aerodynamics, interior, exterior, wheels, brakes, and exhaust, promising an unparalleled driving experience.

Key Features:

  1. Aerodynamic Excellence:
    • LUMMA Bodykit CLR RS 2018: The aerodynamic body kit not only enhances the sporty aesthetics but also improves the car’s overall performance. The distinctive design elements contribute to a more dynamic and aggressive presence on the road.
    • Sport-Look Engine Bonnet: The CLR RS Carbon engine bonnet, featuring a middle part in visible carbon fiber, adds a touch of sophistication while optimizing airflow for improved engine cooling.
  2. Luxurious Interior Upgrades:
    • Aluminium Pedal Set: LUMMA’s aluminium pedal set introduces a sporty and premium touch to the interior, elevating the driving experience.
    • Footrest: Complementing the pedal set, the footrest adds to the overall aesthetics and ergonomic design.
    • Floormats with Leather Mount: The interior receives a luxurious upgrade with bespoke floormats featuring a leather mount.
    • Bootmat with Leather Mount: The cargo area is not left behind, as LUMMA introduces a bootmat with a leather mount for a cohesive and upscale interior.
  3. Exterior Illumination:
    • LED-Daytime Running Lights: LUMMA’s LED daytime running lights not only enhance the vehicle’s visibility on the road but also contribute to a modern and stylish exterior.
  4. Wheels, Brakes, and Spacers:
    • Wheel Set CLR LN1 Matte Black: The 22-inch wheels in matte black not only enhance the vehicle’s stance but also provide a perfect blend of style and performance.
    • Performance Spacer Set: LUMMA’s performance spacer set ensures an optimized wheel fitment for an aggressive and balanced look.
    • Ornamental Ring and Hub Cap in Red: Adding a pop of color, the ornamental ring and hub cap in red further customize the wheel aesthetics.
  5. Exhaust System Upgrade:
    • Stainless Steel Sport Muffler: The stainless steel sport muffler not only improves exhaust flow but also introduces a sportier exhaust note.
    • Chrom Design End Pipes Square: The chrom design end pipes, featuring a square shape, add a distinctive and premium touch to the vehicle’s rear.

LUMMA’s CLR RS 2018 upgrade package for Range Rover Sport MY2018 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering uncompromised style, performance, and luxury. Elevate your driving experience with these meticulously crafted enhancements that redefine automotive customization.

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