LUMMA CLR SR-conversion based on Range Rover Vogue at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

  • LUMMA presents CLR SR-conversion based on Range Rover Vogue at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (Booth #155/156)

With the new body kit LUMMA CLR SR, the renowned refiners of LUMMA Design from Winterlingen in the State of Baden-Württemberg, have now provided a “slim” version to run alongside their successful wide body kits of the Range Rover models “Vogue” and “Sport”, which visibly enhances the showcasing of the Range Rover Vogue including its long version without over-egging the pudding. The LUMMA CLR SR kit will enjoy its world premiering from June 26th to the 29th within the scope of the legendary Festival of Speed in Goodwood (England) on the platform of the British LUMMA Design importer “M Style” (Platform No. 155/156).

After the installation of the LUMMA CLR SR assembly kit, the bug of Range Rover Vogue will be characterized by a front spoiler bumper bar, in which LUMMA also integrated the original fog lamps in addition to the double daytime running lights in the cutting-edge “fiber optics light guide technology”. The front spoiler blade that is centrally installed beneath the apron can also be optionally delivered in carbon. LUMMA places a rear apron bumper bar on the rear with integrated heck diffuser, which optimally harmonizes with the four high-gloss polished 105-millimeter exhaust pipe ends of the double-pipe sports exhaust system that is made completely of stainless steel. Finally, the new LUMMA CLR SR kit contains a rear spoiler flap that is simply glued to the luggage compartment lid. The door panels that are painted in the color of the car ensure one more individualizing factor of the visual appearance of the vehicle in the picture. Moreover, the inconspicuous brake system of the diesel model in the picture is coated with venomous green and is thus so clearly showcased in a distinctive manner. To match this, the tuner endowed the Range Rover with decent lateral ornamental strips with LUMMA logos.

To match the bodywork of the big Range Rover, LUMMA offers special wheels in the XXL dimensions 22 and 23 inches. On the left, the SUV presented here thus bears the current top wheel of the company LUMMA Design: in the size 11×23 inches with Continental tires of the dimension 305/30-23 all-round, LUMMA CLR 23 GT demonstrates maximum size for the non-widened Range Rover Vogue and Range Rover Sport models and stands out in the process, for the filigree shape of its spokes, which makes the large rims very light band sportive in spite of the immense wheel strength. Of course, the LUMMA CLR 23 GT will be delivered with the wheel nuts to match in black as well as vehicle-specific TÜV parts expertise.

With the 5-spoke wheel LUMMA Mono 22 R that is screwed to the right side of the vehicle, LUMMA maintains a classy alternative in its program. In size 11.5×22 inches, this rim design which looks massive in combination with Vredestein tires of 305/35-22 equally fits into all current Range Rover Vogue and Sport models.

Of course, LUMMA Design also offers an adequate performance boost to match the sharpened visual appearance of the CLR SR for the diesel models of Range Rover Vogue: In all V6 diesel engines, the tested LUMMA D Boxes ensure additional performance of approximately 22 kW / 30 horse power as well as an increase in the maximum torque by about 60 Newton meters. The LUMMA D Boxes that can be installed through Plug & Play plugs and easily reversed with a few movement of the hand can be supplied as from € 749 in addition to VAT.
It is a matter-of-course that LUMMA Design also offers further refinements for the interior of the Range Rover that has already been elevated to a sophisticated level through factory-fittings. The “basement floor” of the passenger’s compartment thus has glossy aluminum pedals in high-end design with anti-slip rubber nubs as well as classy high velour foot mats with leather enclosure and embroidered LUMMA emblematic logo.

Whoever finds the new LUMMA CLR SR kit too less conspicuous can of course, still place order for the broad body kit CLR R or CLR RS at all times.


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