LUMMA CLR X 6 R suitable for BMW X6 XDrive 50I F16

The LUMMA CLR X 6 R body kit is designed specifically for the BMW X6 (F16) model, which includes the BMW X6 XDrive 50I. Therefore, the LUMMA CLR X 6 R body kit should be suitable for your BMW X6 XDrive 50I F16.

However, it’s always recommended to consult with a professional mechanic or body shop to ensure that the body kit is installed correctly and that it fits properly with your vehicle. Aftermarket parts may have some compatibility issues, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your vehicle is not damaged during installation.

In addition, it’s important to consider the impact that the installation of an aftermarket body kit may have on your vehicle’s performance and warranty. Some modifications can affect your vehicle’s handling, acceleration, and fuel economy, and may void your manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to do your research and consult with experts before making any modifications to your vehicle.


  • LUMMA bodykit CLR X6 R
  • LUMMA sport-look engine hood paintable side air vent special color
  • LUMMA rear spoiler lip
  • LUMMA roof spoiler
  • LUMMA decor stripe set with trim line in special color


  • LUMMA entrance border set 4-pieces in Carbon, with LUMMA Logo
  • head rests with LUMMA emblem or LUMMA signature
  • LUMMA sport steering wheel leather 2-color black / red, with integrated LUMMA emblem
  • LUMMA aluminium pedal set
  • LUMMA floor mats black with leather mount
  • LUMMA boot mat black, with leather mount


  • LUMMA daytime running light kit fibre optic black
  • LUMMA fog light kit LED black
  • LUMMA hood emblem front and rear in special color


  • LUMMA wheel set CLR Racing black-smoke front 10×22 with 295/30-22 and rear 12×22 with tyres 335/25-22
  • Serial brake calipers painted in special color


  • LUMMA sport exhaust muffler centre frame special color stainless steel, supersound, Export construction 2x100mm & 2x80mm with LUMMA Logo


  • LUMMA chrome signature
  • LUMMA logo
  • LUMMA key ring
  • LUMMA lanyard