LUMMA Design Combines Style & Elegance in its Comprehensive Range of Accessories

  • D-Box improves the performance of the diesel engine from 240 to 276 hp
  • Mono alloy wheels available in both 22-inch and 23-inch versions underscore the car’s sporty character
  • Aluminium and leather give the interior a touch of class

LUMMA Design proves that style and functionality do not have to be mutually exclusive. With its comprehensive range of accessories for the Porsche Cayenne, the car customiser from Winterlingen in Germany not only enhances the appearance of the Zuffenhausen-made SUV but also equips it for everyday use

The D-Box for the Cayenne Diesel brings both reason and driving pleasure to the table in equal measure. This plug-and-play solution increases the diesel engine’s performance from 240 to an impressive 276 hp (203 kW) and raises the vehicle’s maximum torque from 550 to 630 Newton metres. This increased torque allows noticeable savings in fuel consumption to be made because it is precisely at low engine speeds that greater efficiency can be achieved. If required, the D-Box can be completely retrofitted.

In order to also enhance the engine bay’s aesthetic qualities, LUMMA Design offers an optics engine package consisting of red-coated covers and a crest logo made of metal, with the top-quality materials emphasising the increased power of the diesel engine. In addition, thanks to its headlight covers, the big Porsche now looks determinedly ahead.

The new light alloy wheels from the Winterlingen-based customiser appear similarly sporty – whether it’s the Mono 10×22-inch sports wheels with silver surface or the two-tone Mono 11×23-inch wheels with powerfully moulded spokes. Not only does the complete wheel set look really racy, it also ensures excellent road holding.

The twin exhaust pipe deflectors made from burnished and chrome-plated stainless steel give the Cayenne Diesel an individual touch while the two 90 millimetre pipes give the vehicle an especially sporty finish.

With that bit of extra agility, the SUV’s refined interior awaits the driver. Even as you open the doors, the matt aluminium door sill panels featuring the machined LUMMA logo showcase the classic character of the revised Cayenne.

The vehicle’s best example of the combination of style and functionality is the boot floor mat, with the LUMMA Design crest logo enhancing its appearance and the boot sill protector preventing unattractive scratches. For those who find all this to be a bit too much in the way of functionality, some of the Cayenne models come with the boot floor mat minus the foldable boot sill protector. Recesses for the lashing eyes are provided too, even for the version with the real leather edging.

The set of four LUMMA car floor mats for the interior are also edged with genuine animal skin. The mats’ black finish incorporating the crest logo helps keep the vehicle clean and gives the interior a personal touch. Alternatively, the mats are available with a nubuck edging.

The pedal covers from LUMMA Design manage to combine style with safety. While the machined aluminium highlights the pedals’ sporty nature, the built-in rubber nubs ensure that the driver’s feet don’t slip off the pedals. The foot rests made from the same combination of materials serve this purpose, too.

With its comprehensive range of accessories for the Porsche Cayenne, LUMMA Design allows car owners to add the perfect personal touch to their SUV and, in the process, manages to achieve a harmonious combination of functionality and style.

LUMMA Design will of course supply all these accessories with a TÜV certificate to enable the vehicle owner to easily include the parts with the rest of the car’s documentation. The parts can be fitted at any specialised service centre or at LUMMA Design’s headquarters in Winterlingen.


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