LUMMA Unleashes Power and Presence with CLR G770 Conversion for Mercedes G-Class (Type W463A)

LUMMA Design, synonymous with precision and sophistication in automotive refinement, introduces the LUMMA CLR G770 conversion program for the Mercedes G-Class Type W463A (from 2018). Elevating the iconic off-roader’s rugged aesthetic, this conversion program delivers a muscular and commanding presence that radiates autonomy.

The key elements of the LUMMA CLR G770 body kit are meticulously crafted to enhance both form and function. Comprising a front spoiler bumper with integrated daytime running lights, front and rear fender flares, side skirts, sport exhaust tailpipes, and a rear bumper with a distinctive diffuser, the body attachments are designed to make a bold statement on and off the road.

Crafted from high-quality PUR plastic, the components of the body kit come complete with mounting materials and installation instructions, ensuring a seamless integration with the G-Class W463A. For enthusiasts seeking additional customization, LUMMA offers carbon exterior elements, complementing wheel sets, and a range of finishing products.

The LUMMA CLR G770 doesn’t just stop at exterior enhancements; it extends its influence into aerodynamics, interior, and exterior details. The comprehensive list includes:


  • LUMMA front bumper
  • LUMMA mesh 3-pcs.
  • LUMMA wheel arch enlargements for front + rear
  • LUMMA side skirts
  • LUMMA rear bumper with diffuser


  • LUMMA floor mats
  • LUMMA boot mat
  • LUMMA aluminum pedal set


  • LUMMA DRL 4-pcs. set
  • LUMMA roof cover with 4-pcs. high beam lamps
  • LUMMA roof spoiler
  • LUMMA bonnet extension
  • LUMMA front grille frame
  • LUMMA side window covers
  • Model lettering CLR G770
  • LUMMA crest logo for hood and boot lid
  • Different parts in visible carbon fiber

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the CLR G770 conversion, from the imposing front end to the meticulously designed interior elements. The integration of visible carbon fiber elements adds a touch of exclusivity, showcasing LUMMA’s commitment to luxury and performance.

For Mercedes G-Class enthusiasts seeking to redefine their driving experience, the LUMMA CLR G770 stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive refinement. It transforms the G-Class into a formidable presence on the road, marrying style, substance, and off-road prowess in a harmonious blend of automotive excellence.