Range Rover Sport: LUMMA CLR RS 2018 Facelift Transformation

Unleash the full potential of your Range Rover Sport with the LUMMA CLR RS 2018 conversion kit, meticulously designed for models from the year 2018 onwards. This comprehensive kit embraces the latest model year’s aesthetics, introducing captivating changes that redefine the visual and performance aspects of your beloved SUV.

Striking Front Apron:

The focal point of the LUMMA CLR RS body kit is the redesigned front apron, featuring an integrated front spoiler middle section and a captivating arrangement of double daytime running lights. This distinctive enhancement not only captures attention on the road but also complements the Range Rover Sport’s bold and powerful presence. The body kit is suitable for all engines, ensuring a seamless integration with the diverse Range Rover Sport lineup.

Carbon Fiber Customization:

For enthusiasts seeking further personalization, LUMMA Design offers an array of carbon fiber components and applications. Elevate your Range Rover Sport’s exterior with the lightweight and high-performance characteristics of carbon fiber, adding a touch of exclusivity to every drive. Each body kit receives a unique serial number and a certificate of authenticity, emphasizing the craftsmanship and authenticity of LUMMA modifications.

Comprehensive Aerodynamics Package:

The LUMMA CLR RS 2018 transformation goes beyond the front apron, encompassing a rear spoiler lip that enhances the SUV’s aerodynamics. This thoughtful addition not only contributes to the vehicle’s visual appeal but also ensures improved stability and performance on the road.

Interior Luxe Upgrades:

Step into a refined interior with LUMMA’s interior enhancements, including an aluminum pedal set, footrest, and custom floor mats with leather mounts. These meticulous additions elevate the driving experience and reflect LUMMA’s commitment to both style and comfort. The bootmat with a leather mount adds a luxurious touch to the cargo area.

Wheel, Brake, and Exhaust Enhancements:

LUMMA leaves no detail untouched, offering a wheel set CLR 22 LX, featuring 12×22 dimensions paired with 305/35-22 tires. The performance spacer set ensures optimal wheel positioning for an enhanced stance. The stainless steel sport muffler and chrome-designed end pipes, square in shape, contribute to an exhilarating exhaust note, creating a symphony of power on every journey.


With the LUMMA CLR RS 2018 conversion kit, your Range Rover Sport transcends conventional boundaries, embodying a fusion of cutting-edge design and performance. Elevate your driving experience with the aerodynamic enhancements, interior luxuries, and precision-crafted details that define LUMMA’s commitment to automotive excellence. Immerse yourself in the bespoke world of LUMMA, where every modification tells a story of innovation, sophistication, and a relentless pursuit of automotive perfection.