LUMMA CLR 8RS suitable for RS Q8

LUMMA presents facelift of tuning programme CLR 8 RS –New design and accessories for the Audi RS Q8 • Body components now available in visible carbon fibre• Special SUV 24-inch alloy wheel rim with up to 970 kg load• Design upgrade available now Winterlingen. Car refiners LUMMA Design GmbH & Co. KG have given their

LUMMA CLR 8 RS suitable for RS Q8

LUMMA CLR 8 RS – striking body and wheel program personalizes the Audi RS Q8. LUMMA Design GmbH & Co. KG recommends itself once again as the place to go for sports accessories and exquisite body design. With the presentation of the limited SUV coupe LUMMA CLR 8 RS, the premium tuning company is now