Unveiling the Bold: LUMMA CLR GT Transformation for Range Rover Velar

As automotive enthusiasts anticipate the dawn of a new era with the Range Rover Velar, LUMMA Design steps into the spotlight, introducing an extensive customization program for this mid-size SUV. LUMMA’s distinctive touch, epitomized by the CLR GT wide body styling kit, promises to elevate the Velar’s aesthetics, performance, and overall driving experience.

Breathtaking Exterior Transformation

The Range Rover Velar, already an epitome of modern luxury and dynamic design, undergoes a metamorphosis with LUMMA’s CLR GT package. Crafted from high-quality PU-RIM plastics, this wide body kit introduces a new level of self-confidence and expression to the Velar. The wide wheel arches, extending the SUV’s width by 50mm on each side, become the focal point of the transformation. The prominent new front bumper, featuring an integrated spoiler and Cup air splitter, not only amplifies the Velar’s assertiveness but also aids in reducing aerodynamic lift at higher speeds.

Contoured side skirts, adorned with horizontal blades, seamlessly connect the wide arches, providing a grounded and cohesive look to the SUV. The redesigned front grille and sizable bonnet air intake scoops contribute to an overall sportier appearance, aligning with the dynamic concept drawings teased last year. The rear transformation is completed with the LUMMA Design rear apron, featuring an integrated diffuser and quad exhaust outlet covers. The three-piece tailgate and roofline rear spoiler add a touch of sophistication while enhancing aerodynamic efficiency.

Wheels, Tyres, and More

To complement the bold exterior, LUMMA Design offers wheel and tyre packages in 22 and 23-inch sizes. The CLR LN 1 and CLR Racing alloy wheel designs, paired with Michelin or Continental rubber, fill out the widened wheel arches with a commanding presence. For those seeking an even more substantial footprint, the option of 23-inch LUMMA CLR 23 GT alloy wheels is available. LUMMA Design ensures proper offsets with optional wheel spacers, ensuring a harmonious balance between form and function.

Real carbon-fibre takes center stage in the customization process, with a range of components available in carbon versions. From front and door design panels to bonnet panels and rear diffusers, the carbon-fibre elements add a technical and contemporary edge to the Velar’s exterior.

Luxurious Interior Upgrades

LUMMA Design doesn’t stop at exterior enhancements; the interior customization program is equally impressive. A sport steering wheel, an aluminum pedal set, and floor and boot carpet mats, embroidered with the LUMMA Design logo, contribute to an elevated and personalized cabin experience.

In the realm of aerodynamics, wheels, brakes, and exhaust systems, LUMMA ensures that every aspect of the Velar receives meticulous attention. The sport exhaust system, specifically designed for export, adds a sonorous touch to the Velar’s soundtrack, while endpipe covers with the LUMMA logo exude a distinctive flair.

In conclusion, the LUMMA CLR GT transformation for the Range Rover Velar is a symphony of bold design, performance upgrades, and luxurious interiors. For those seeking a truly unique and expressive SUV, LUMMA Design’s customization program stands as a testament to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in automotive personalization.