LUMMA CLR G770: Redefining the Mercedes G-Class (Type W463A) with Distinctive Design and High-Performance Features

Embark on a journey of transformation with LUMMA Design’s conversion program, the LUMMA CLR G770, tailored for the Mercedes G-Class Type W463A from 2018 onwards. This powerful body kit is crafted to accentuate the rugged essence of the iconic off-roader, endowing it with a muscular and distinguished appearance that exudes autonomy.

The LUMMA CLR G770 body kit is a comprehensive ensemble, comprising a front spoiler bumper equipped with daytime running lights, front and rear fender flares, side skirts, sport exhaust tailpipes, and a rear bumper with a distinctive diffuser. Each component is meticulously constructed from high-quality PUR plastic, ensuring durability and precision. The package includes all necessary mounting materials and detailed installation instructions, simplifying the enhancement process.


  • LUMMA Front Bumper
  • LUMMA Mesh 3-piece Set
  • LUMMA Wheel Arch Enlargements for Front and Rear
  • LUMMA Side Skirts
  • LUMMA Rear Bumper with Diffuser


  • LUMMA Floor Mats
  • LUMMA Boot Mat
  • LUMMA Aluminium Pedal Set


  • LUMMA Daytime Running Lights (DRL) 4-piece Set
  • LUMMA Roof Cover with 4-piece High Beam Lamps
  • LUMMA Roof Spoiler
  • LUMMA Bonnet Extension
  • LUMMA Front Grille Frame
  • LUMMA Side Window Covers
  • Model Lettering CLR G770
  • LUMMA Crest Logo for Hood and Boot Lid
  • Various Parts in Visible Carbon Fiber


  • Complete Wheel Set LUMMA CLR 24 RS 10.5×24 and 13×24
  • Black Matte Finish with Hub Caps in Centre Lock Design
  • Includes Tyres 295/30-24 and 355/25-24
  • LUMMA Performance Spacer Set


  • LUMMA Tailpipe Trims 6-piece Set, Square, for Left and Right Side

The LUMMA CLR G770 doesn’t just enhance the exterior; it also offers an array of interior and performance upgrades. Elevate your driving experience with LUMMA floor mats, a boot mat, and an aluminum pedal set. The exterior can be further customized with carbon fiber elements, and for those seeking a unique touch, LUMMA offers additional finishing products.

Experience the LUMMA difference as your Mercedes G-Class undergoes a visual and performance makeover. With attention to detail and a commitment to quality, the LUMMA CLR G770 stands as a testament to the fusion of distinctive design and high-performance features, redefining the legendary G-Class for those who seek automotive excellence.