LUMMA Design Unleashes the CLR GT Kit for Range Rover Velar: Elevating Elegance

LUMMA Design, renowned for its expertise in crafting exceptional automotive customizations, proudly presents its extensive customization program for the latest Range Rover Velar. This mid-size luxury SUV has already garnered significant acclaim for its captivating design and dynamic performance, making it a prime canvas for personalization.

At the heart of LUMMA Design’s offering for the Range Rover Velar lies the CLR GT wide body styling kit, a testament to the brand’s commitment to elevating automotive aesthetics. This comprehensive kit combines high-quality materials with meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in a transformation that adds character and a bold presence to the Velar.

One of the most striking features of the CLR GT kit is the wide wheel arches, which stand out as the most distinctive and attention-grabbing element of the conversion. These extended arches contribute an additional 50mm to the Velar’s overall width, creating a more muscular and commanding road presence.

The transformation extends to the front of the vehicle, where a prominent new bumper takes center stage. This bumper features an integrated spoiler and Cup air splitter, not only enhancing the Velar’s aesthetics but also reducing aerodynamic lift at higher speeds. The result is a more aggressive and confident front fascia that captures attention.

Complementing the wide arches are contoured side skirts adorned with horizontal blades, following the line of the air splitter. These elements visually fill the area between the broad arches, grounding the Velar’s appearance and adding to its overall sporty demeanor.

The makeover continues with the addition of a new front grille and substantial bonnet air intake scoops. These elements, originally seen in design concept drawings, contribute to the Velar’s sportier and more commanding look.

Completing the transformation is the LUMMA Design rear apron, which includes an integrated diffuser and is flanked by quad exhaust outlet covers. The rear design, like the front, harmonizes with the widebody aesthetics and ensures that the Velar looks captivating from all angles.

Efficiency and performance are also taken into consideration with the three-piece tailgate and roofline rear spoiler. These elements help reduce drag by optimizing the departing airflow, enhancing both the vehicle’s aesthetics and aerodynamic performance.

To achieve the perfect stance and fill out the extended wheel arches, LUMMA Design offers wheel and tire packages in 22 and 23-inch sizes. These packages include designs such as the LUMMA CLR LN 1 and LUMMA CLR Racing alloy wheels, paired with top-tier tires from Michelin and Continental. Wheel spacers are also available as an option to ensure the right offsets for these combinations.

Carbon fiber, with its technical and trendy appeal, plays a prominent role in LUMMA Design’s customization options. Various components, including the front and door design panels, sport front grille, Cup spoiler lip, front wings, bonnet panels, wing mirror caps, rear spoiler lip, and rear diffuser, are all available in carbon fiber, delivering both style and substance.

Inside the Velar’s cabin, LUMMA Design’s customization program offers a sport steering wheel, an aluminum pedal set, and floor and boot carpet mats embroidered with the LUMMA Design logo. These interior enhancements elevate the driving experience and add a touch of sophistication to the interior.

With its CLR GT kit for the Range Rover Velar, LUMMA Design demonstrates its commitment to delivering not just customization but also a unique expression of automotive elegance and performance. It’s a testament to the enduring allure of the Range Rover Velar and the endless possibilities that exist for personalization and transformation.