Only a few weeks did pass by, since the introduction of the BMW X6 to the public, but LUMMA Design already did upgrade the newest BMW model.

As one of the first, the Winterlinger based Tuner, offers a complete package for the BMW X6.

Named as CLR X 650, the package contains an extensive Body kit in wide version; extensive upgrades for the interior, an engine tuning and a sport suspension kit, which is lowering the car aprox. 40 mm front and rear.

The result with the matching, brand-new developed and designed wheels up to 23 inches in dimension is a unique, high-class Sports SUV, state of the art.

The world premiere of the LUMMA Design Super sport SUV CLR X650, will be the Motorshow 2008 in Essen, were all other novelties of Lumma Design will be introduced to the public.


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